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What In Tarnation Meme. Wot in tarnation memes dankmemes autism cringe jew offensivememes buns bleach purge harambe terrorist trump thug shamwow clinton hood fun. #self deprecation #what in tarnation #what in tarnation meme #what in meme #awkward #school #homework #phan #danisnotonfire #amazingphil #sleep #sleeping #tests #dan howell #phil lester #dnp #dan and phil #puns #jokes #meme #memes #lol. What is the what in tarnation hat meme? wot n tarnation memes have been popular on social media this past month with. what in tarnation?!?!

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I seldom have any idea when or how a meme begins. The meme above spawned many parody memes. "What in Tarnation?" is a rhetorical question meaning "what in damnation?", which is often used by Americans living in the Southern United States to express incredulous bewilderment.

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Cowboy hats completely took over the internet early this year after a photo of a Shiba Inu with the text "what in tarnation" went completely viral. Find and save What In Tarnation Memes What in Tarnation is going on here - - For more videos follow me @kmoorethegoat @kmoorethegoat watermelon funny explode wow.