The Left Cant Meme

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The Left Cant Meme. As the name implies, this phrase is used to remind us of an absolute fact: Leftists and their shills CANNOT meme, and any attempt by them to do so ends up as either cringe-worthy and biased propaganda, or so cancerously. When it comes to theory, you just have to say words like 'commons', 'collective', 'cooperative', 'Anthropocene', even.

The left can't Meme - Page 2404
The left can't Meme - Page 2404 (Antonio Williams)
The Left Can T Meme Thomas Jefferson Magnet. Memeing requires a mass amount of individuals constantly evolving an idea and constantly making it funnier. They also claim that leftists cannot even use the meme formats correctly.

It's an inside-joke for Conservative meme fans and a way to goad people on the Left.

The Left Can T Meme Thomas Jefferson Magnet.

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The left has it's own affective-emotional themes. A meme about The Left sucking at Memeing. >The Left can't meme >Uses to make old Boomer memes >Top kek. image tagged in gifs,paul joseph watson,the left can't meme.