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Ba Sing Se Meme. They are partly there to warn the Earth King of the coming solar eclipse. The episode focused mainly on Team Avatar arriving at Ba Sing Se, the massive capital of the Earth Empire.

There is no war in ba sing se - Imgflip
There is no war in ba sing se - Imgflip (Mark Hansen)
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After Azula's attack on Ba Sing Se fails, Zuko decides he needs to stop his father.

But they will end up discovering something else, a.

There Is No War In Ba Sing Se - Meme Pict

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Ba Sing Se Meme - Meme Pict

Ba Sing Se Meme - Meme Pict

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There Is No War In Ba Sing Se - Meme Pict

It will be published if it complies with the content rules and our moderators approve it. Wish I had the attitude (and earthbending ofc) of Toph to eliminate the bitches from my life- katara sokka aang toph zuko suki azula korra mako bolin asami avatar avatarthelastairbender atla lok legendofkorra bopal sukka tokka kainora kataang zutara zhurrick. After arriving at the great wall of Ba Sing Se.