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Cinco De Mayo Meme. Cinco de Mayo is Spanish for the "fifth of May.". You gotta be prepared to party!!!

Cinco De Mayo 2017 Memes: Funny Pictures, GIFs & Quotes
Cinco De Mayo 2017 Memes: Funny Pictures, GIFs & Quotes (Troy Cohen)
May is one of the most awaited months in Mexico and the United States to mark the fun-filled holiday called Cinco de Mayo. Full of laughter and cheers, margaritas, tacos and tequilas, this festival marks the victory of the Mexicans against the French. Meme about people wanting Trump to build the wall but they also celebrate Cinco de Mayo…?

Many tend to celebrate the fifth of May like it's the fourth of July!

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Today, Cinco de Mayo is celebrated in the state of Puebla, but is not much recognized in the rest of Mexico. The holiday was brought to the States as a way for Mexican immigrants to celebrate their heritage, but has since spread to include the rest of America. You will see memes with mexicans wearing sombreros and people of other races that openly don't like mexicans but celebrate the holiday.